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Interview With Ryan North
Excerpt from interview:
I believe that one of your writing strengths is the ability to always play off the context of the situation. I've noticed in past interviews that you'll often reference your what you're saying and then reference that reference. Is this is a compulsive habit or does it take constant conscious consideration?
It's not conscious, no! My experience with most people who tell or write jokes for a living is that they're always practicing; it's something you always do. It's not like you sit down and say "Okay, I am going to be funny for the next 30 minutes" - it's more like, "Okay, I am hanging out with my friends and we all want to have a good time, so let's go with that and see what happens". It's hard to explain, but it's like in a conversation with someone, something they'll say will give you the idea of what you want to say in response to that. I find a lot of jokes happen the same way, and you get callbacks and references because they're fresh in your head and you know the other person has the shared experience there. Maybe?
I feel like now I need to set something up so that I can call back to it later! I referenced racial epithets at the start, maybe later on I'll casually use one like it's no big deal. This - this might be a bad idea.
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