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Interview With Ryan North
Excerpt from interview:
How does your "comic filter" work? Almost every artist must first determine that a creation is "good" before he displays it to others. Do you have a gut feeling that tells when you something is worthy? Is it more of a logical approach? Is it whatever is done by due time? Or, do you not worry about such things?
I've actually developed a grand theory of this recently, and it goes like this: there are three genres of creative expression that I believe make it easier to know when something is "good", and they are erotica, horror, and comedy. Each of these genres is special because when they're working right, when they're capital-G Good, your body PHYSICALLY CHANGES STATE, which is amazing. Good comedy, you laugh, good horror, you can feel scared and twitchy, and good erotica, you get to have private times. This is great, because if I were writing drama it'd be a lot harder to tell when I'd done something good, a lot more room for doubt, but with comedy, once it makes you laugh, you're golden.
Of course there's different senses of humour (and what's scary, and what's hot) but if you're writing for yourself, writing to appeal to people who share your interests / sense of humour / EROTIC IMAGINATION, then your body helps you out by letting you know when you've nailed it.
This is a long and probably unnecessarily sex-centric way of saying I know a comic's good when it makes me laugh, and I find it hard to write in a public space because it's considered so gauche and weird to laugh at your own jokes. But man, why would you want to tell jokes you don't find funny?
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