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Interview With Ryan North
Excerpt from interview:
Sometimes, I want to WRITE LIKE THIS. But I feel like I'm ripping you off and failing. What is the secret to pulling off the all-caps enunciation?
I get emails from people apologizing and saying "Look, I write like you now and I can't stop. Sorry?" and if they're good email writers it's great, because you think, "Hey, that's funny! Awesome. I'm glad that's what I sound like to others." but the rare times they're really terrible at emails it's awful because you think "Aw man, that's what I sound like, this is the worst."
I started using the all-caps enunciation to transmit "here's how this line is said" delivery information and if there's a secret, it's to use it only where you'd emphasis a word in real life! But you can also put entire sentences in caps for a semi-ironic shouting effect. I HAVE USED THIS EFFECT SOMETIMES MYSELF, YOU GUYS.
It boggles my mind that (until recently) most mainstream comics printed sentences in all caps, with bold for emphasis. It may be a small point, but bolding a word is not the same as putting it in caps, and when you have access to both, you can pull off different effects. Why limit yourself in that way for no real benefit? (Says the guy who never changes the pictures).
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