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Interview With Ryan North
Excerpt from interview:
Is Twitter one of those ideas you wished you would have tried first? For me, I never would have imagined that it would work. I think part of the reason is that, as a programmer, I forget just how much most people struggle with technology. I focus on writing simple code and as a designer I focus on making simple user interfaces. But I sometimes forget the usefulness of a simple idea. I've read that you create websites that you know will be useful to yourself. Would you have thought a site like Twitter would be so useful to so many people before it became popular?
Nope! But Twitter's described as the communication medium none of us knew we needed and now none of us can give up, right? I think even the creators didn't realize what they had until people starting using it in ways they didn't anticipate - the whole @reply thing was started by members and then built into the platform. But you're right: I code the things I find useful, some of them hit and some of them don't, and it's not really possible to predict which will be which!
I'm glad somebody invented Twitter though because it's pretty great!
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