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Interview With Nicholas Gurewitch
Excerpt from interview:
When I see good art, I always wonder what the artist thought when they released it. Were they thinking "this is crap", "this will have to do", or "this is perfect". I tend to put long-term projects aside, because I don't think I can do them justice during the allotted time. I wait until I have lots of free time, which never happens. Do you ever put things aside because you doubt you have the time to do an outstanding job? Or do you just divide up your time between your projects, do your best during those slots, and publish the results, even if they're not up your standards?
I do a lot of time-dividing, as you call it, so that I have the ability to give things second and third "looks". In fact, even ideas that seem to arrive immediately -fully formed- are often "second-drafts" of old ideas you've had or have seen, that have had time to be editorialized in your subconscious. No such thing as a first draft, but if there is, it never hurts to go to 18th draft, as the energy that first derived it is still alive and well. PIXAR makes a business out of doing up to 400 drafts of things, and their work sparkles with the density of thousands of decisions.
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