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Interview With Alexis Ohanian
Excerpt from interview:
And now, for the closer. What was the most interesting (SFW) thing that happened to you last year?
Christina Xu / Breadpig - Overturned bus in Laos
That SFW business makes this harder than I'd like...
It'd probably be visiting the xkcd school we funded in Laos. We had a rather long journey to get there, since it's built in very rural Laos. The overnight bus we took for the first leg of the trip stopped at some point in the middle of the night because a similar bus had flipped over, killing a number of the people aboard.
The following morning over breakfast, our host from Room to Read explained - quite nonchalantly I might add - that he'd originally bought us tickets on that bus, but at the last minute changed his mind and swapped them out for the bus we rode.
After hearing that, the rest of the day was pretty fabulous. Nothing like a brush with death to make one appreciate life. And it got even better when we finally reached the school, had lunch with the villagers who literally built it, and met its children and teachers.
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