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Interview With Alexis Ohanian
Excerpt from interview:
Anyone with good content has a good chance of being seen on reddit. There is currently no other website with this superpower. Why is reddit the only social news website that works?
The algorithms that make it all work, which Steve built, do a fabulous job creating an equitable system. We've never had the problem of "power users," which certainly affected our growth in the short-term (charlatans go out of their way to promote how well they can game a site -> content producers get excited about easy traffic -> word spreads because everyone wants to join in the pageview-fest going on -> eventually the system breaks down).
In the long-term, we bet that by giving more control and tools to our users, they'd create a better product. Take a look at the vast network of reddits that now exist, the best of which are entirely user created and run, and you'll find gems of the web none of us on the team would've dreamed up.
/r/IAmA is my favorite example.
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