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Interview With Abstruse Goose
Excerpt from interview:
What are your thoughts on paper vs pixels? Would you like to see daily comics on paper, even outside of the traditional newspaper?
Just the other day I picked up my first newspaper in years just to see how the state of newspaper comics had evolved since the last time I checked. I was quite shocked at what I saw. Almost all of the comics in the back of the paper were so... tame. Now, granted, I have grown so accustomed to reading comics like Cyanide & Happiness and SMBC that even South Park comes across as a bit tame, but what I saw in the back of the paper was very surprising. It conjured up images in my mind of a bunch of old tenured professors with nothing to lose who (therefore) no longer have any motivation to be inspiring educators or to change with the times. Perhaps that is one downside to syndication. The syndicated cartoonists have the "luxury" of relative job stability and do not have the "benefit" of the immediate feedback to which you and I are exposed on a daily basis ("Hello, we are the internet and we just wanted to inform you of the degree to which you suck balls.").
Yes, I would like to see daily comics on paper (especially) outside of the traditional newspaper.
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