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Interview With Abstruse Goose
Excerpt from interview:
Do you feel you have to adapt your comics for others or, as most comic artists claim to do, do you simply use yourself as a guide, assuming that if you enjoy it, others will too?
That is an interesting question and I would be interested to hear your answer to this question as well. Your comic is so unlike any other webcomic out there in terms of its content that I suspect I know the answer.
I am way on the just-do-whatever-I-enjoy side of the spectrum. Sometimes I am surprised at how many people seem to agree with some of the things portrayed in my comics. As an example, take this comic:
The idea illustrated in that comic had been floating around in my head for years. However, every time I tried to explain that perspective to my friends, they always looked at me as if I was a ker-azy sweaty-toothed madman so I just assumed that it wasn't a popular point of view. But after posting that, I received a flood of comments from people all over the known universe telling me how they always had similar thoughts but had never seen it quite illustrated that way. Moral of the story: if you do comics that you yourself would enjoy, there will undoubtedly be large segments of the population for whom your comics will strike a chord.
That being said, I also believe that it's important to use a measure of common sense when making comics. Every person lives in their own unique world and one can never truly comprehend the deepest most profound thoughts of another human being. I imagine that if you were to simply spew out comics as an unfiltered spontaneous outpouring of your innermost thoughts, very few people would find it comprehensible (and only James Joyce can get away with doing that - that boy be crazy).
My answer is that I have to adapt unless I'm doing situational humor. The comics I'm mildly amused by seem to get the most traffic and any strip I find to be hilarious is guaranteed to flop. I burn a lot of calories imagining things from other people's perspective.
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