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Interview With Zach Weiner
Excerpt from interview:
You seem to force yourself to constantly experiment with your humor style to the point where it's hard to say what exactly SMBC is. You can't even call it a single panel comic anymore, as you've been peppering in multi-panel comics for some time now. Is this constant change intentional?
It's not intentional so much as necessary. I hate the feeling that I'm treading too much on old ground. To some degree this is inevitable, but changing things up helps a bit. That said, as you may note, the change is always gradual, never planned. But yeah, SMBC changes on a fairly regular basis, and I've been very lucky to maintain my audience over that span.
Actually, perhaps it'd be better to say the palette grows. Like, I'm not sure I've necessarily given up on any stuff I used to do. I just have more possibilities. Like, first it was just single panels. Then multipanels. Then I added things like very long multipanels, stories, graph/chart jokes, and recently did a card game for an update.
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