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Interview With Zach Weiner
Excerpt from interview:
I understand that one's interests change as they grow and their life experiences change, but I feel like I've basically had the same sense of humor all of my life. Do you feel the same way about yourself?
"Sense of humor" is vague enough that I can kind of go either way. But, strictly speaking, I think my sense of humor has changed over time as I've incorporated more ideas. Like, from PBF you learn silent comics, from XKCD dork humor, etc. etc. So, I do different types of humor, but whether my "sense of humor" (if such a thing exists) has changed, I'm not sure.
And, bear in mind, how you feel about yourself is not a good measure of what's true. If you can find an essay you wrote 5 years ago, give it a read. I bet you'll be surprised.
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