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Interview With Zach Weiner
Excerpt from interview:
Are micropayments really such a bad idea? Randall Munroe seems to feel the same way. What would be wrong with a system like flattr where content creators don't pay money, and can set a price or allow readers to choose a price on the fly?
It's a fine idea, but it's never worked in all the different versions that have been tried. More importantly, it doesn't need to work. There are already more effective ways to get artists money - donation drives, merchandising, and ad revenue.
And let's think about ad revenue a sec. If I run ads, I'm effectively getting a micropayment from every single reader.
I admit the numbers are enticing. Say I have 100,000 readers a day. If ten percent of them pay ten cents a day, I get a thousand bucks a day! The problem is there's no way I'll pull that much money. People are nice, but they rarely pay money for free content. So, it's more likely 1% will use flatter half the time, every other day, at a rate of 25 cents. So, your 100,000 readers gets you 100,000*.01*.5*.5*.25 = 62.5 bucks. Not bad, but that's for a top tier comic. It wouldn't do much for a typical readership level.
Bottomline, even if this did work, it'd really only stand to benefit the people who don't really need it.
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